Defrag in 7

[Continuing on my rant of new little features I’m discovering in Windows 7…]

I’m quite sure I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed the first time I ran defrag in Vista to see they had taken my precious UI away from me…

Sure, I agree that the user doesn’t really need to know what is happening under the covers, just that the file system is being taken care of. I also agree that users should be able to easily schedule the defrag as part of a maintenance routine. However, in simplifying the UI they took away the user’s ability to determine the status of the process. This in my eyes was the major issue and was why I started using Auslogics Disk Defrag, which does a (speedy and) great job.

From the new look of defrag in 7, it looks like they heard the various cries of outrage… They’ve given us a new UI that allows us to configure a schedule AND to watch the status of a currently running defrag. They’ve also provided an Analyse button that determines the fragmentation of the drive.


A step back in the right direction here…


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