Monthly Archives: March 2009

Where’s them commerce server posts at…?

Ok, so it’s been a while since I spoke about writing some CS07 posts, but I promise they’re still on the way. We’ve finally gotten to the feature complete milestone on our project so there have been many a late night and weekend spent in the office getting things going recently.

Where am I at…? Well, I’m just finishing up a fresh virtual machine build for CS and I’m getting some good content together. Of course, with the new announcement of CS09, a lot has changed. Once I’ve finished up a bit of work on this 07 guff, I’ll hopefully get a chance to put together an 09 VM and put some content out there.


Windows Home Server available on MSDN

I’m a bit late to catch on to this one, but earlier this month Microsoft (finally) released WHS for download on MSDN. From the official announcement on the team blog:

MSDN availability will increase awareness of Windows Home Server with a larger community of professional developers and help further grow the ecosystem of software applications built for Windows Home Server.

Well, it’s about bloody time! There’s been a fair bit of public scrutiny over MS’s expectation for third party developers to write addons given that they had not released this earlier. I’m really looking forward to getting my server back up and running again after a much neglected Server 2008 installation.