Monthly Archives: August 2009

Want Open Search Integration in Your Website…?

Over the past few weeks, Tatham Oddie, Damian Edwards and myself have been working on publishing a framework/toolkit for integration OpenSearch into any ASP.NET search enabled website. I’m pleased to announce we have finally hit a release!

The project is available at Tatham has a great post on how to integrate it into your site on his blog

OpenSearch is a technology that already has widespread support across the web and is now getting even more relevant with Internet Explorer 8’s Visual Search feature and the Federated Search feature in the upcoming Windows 7 release.

Now it’s time to make it even easier. Ducas Francis, one of the other members of my team, took on the job of building out our JSON feed for Firefox as well as our RSS feed for Windows 7 Federated Search. More formats, more fiddly serialization code. Following this, he started the OpenSearch Toolkit; an open source, drop-in toolkit for ASP.NET developers to use when they want to offer OpenSearch.

Today marks our first release.

So get on over to codeplex, hit up Tatham’s blog for instructions and drop the toolkit into your web site so you can take advantage of all the coolness that is OpenSearch.