Monthly Archives: December 2011

Project Liike (aka. Microsoft Patterns & Practices do Mobile Web)

Microsoft have started a new Patterns & Practices project name Liike (LEEE-keh) with the aim of delivering guidance for building mobile web solutions.

How do they plan to do this…?

Well they’ve got a few FTE’s who are creating a mobile version of a previous project as a reference implementation so they can make the mistakes we’ve all made in the past. They’ve also taken on an advisory board consisting of a few members of the community (including myself) for some ideas and extra guidance.

One thing that’s been made clear so far is that reusable code is not a major deliverable. There are many people out there who’ve done a bang-up job of building UI frameworks and plugins for mobile web, so they don’t want to re-invent the wheel – they just want to reduce the squeak in yours by giving you the oil you need to run smoothly.

So, how can you help…?

1. There’s a uservoice site available for you to throw your ideas for what you think are the most important challenges:

2. Start a conversation with myself or anyone else on the advisory board! I’m always available on twitter and am happy to take comments on my blog. If you want to get me on email, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.