Saying goodbye to Readify

After 8 years at Readify I’ve decided to hang up my consulting hat. Over the course of the next two weeks I’m finalising my hand over and a few fun tasks before, well, riding off into the sunset.

At our quarterly company info night the other evening I had the chance to formally say goodbye. In my  time here the company has grown from 40 people to over 200 and seen such a phenomenal change in the size and number of simultaneous projects we’re taking on. We continue to win awards and more importantly the respect of our customers all the time.

It’s really been a privilege and an honour to be part of such a fantastic group of people, many of whom I know will remain friends for a long time. I have grown so much and owe a lot of it to the inspiring and challenging environment that Readify creates. 

As for what I’m doing next… Well, that’s undecided. I’m looking for an opportunity to really test myself and grow further. I have no doubt I’ll find something that pique’s my interest soon, but if that takes a while and I end up repainting and laying some floors in my apartment or spending a little time at the snow with the kids then I won’t be disappointed.


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