Remix 08

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending Remix 08 in Sydney.

The day really started on a high with the keynote. It opened with a video that showed off a few cool applications that have been developed in Australia using some of the latest Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight. That was followed by Mark Pesce’s presentation that really drilled home the effect of technology on today’s society in creating a state of “Hyperconnectivity” between people.

I tried quite hard to stick to the creative track and was rewarded very early with Jonas Follesoe‘s presentation. He showed how to use the Expression designer tools to create a truly amazing experience for Silverlight applications. His demo is available on his blog here.

I also managed to sit in on a few presentations by some fellow Readifarians – Philip Beadle and Tatham Oddie. Phil’s presentation showed how to use some really simple programming techniques (such as binding & asynchronous WCF) with Silverlight 2 to create cool web applications. Tatham’s presentation on MVC & AJAX was a really interesting take on possibilities of combining the two technologies in the future. Unfortunately, I missed Damo and Alister’s presentations…

Overall, I really did enjoy this event. It’s definitely one that I’ll be attending again in the future.


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